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It's been a busy year

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

2017 has been and continues to be a busy year for us here at Alpine. The year started out working with the Eagle County School District to devise plans on improvements to parking lots and pathways at schools throughout the valley. Then, by August, teachers, students, and parents had freshly paved and coated parking lots that are more drivable and basketball courts with fewer trip hazards and new paint.

Other schools in the valley are receiving complete makeovers. Alpine was involved in the planning and construction design phases of the new Eagle Valley Elementary/Middle School and the Eagle Valley High School improvements and additions. Also, up valley at Red Sandstone Elementary School, there will be a new parking garage to benefit teachers/staff/parents in a shared venture with the Town of Vail.

Plans were submitted for the new Stillwater employee housing development located near the west end of Edwards. Planning and permitting for the proposed sewer lift station are in the works.

Alpine developed grading, site, and utility plans for Phase II of Soleil Homes at Brush Creek subdivision in Eagle, CO. The final portion of the road and path construction began early this year and was complete by August. Development on the new lots has already begun.

The Haymeadow development in Eagle has caught ground and development design documents will be submitted to the town before the end of the year, with hopes of construction beginning late spring of 2018.

Eagle River Park is gaining speed with the bidding process to begin this winter. Construction of the whitewater park portion of the project should begin November/December. The upland park construction should begin by May 2018, with project completion in August of 2018.

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