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Blue River Flats

Alpine Engineering, Inc. predominantly works on projects in the Eagle River Valley, but has completed several projects in Summit County. AEI has been the civil engineers for multiple housing projects in Silverthorne, CO since 2018. Blue River Flats is another addition to Silverthorne's ever-expanding selection of modern, newly constructed homes ideally situated along the Blue River. The location of the proposed townhomes and proximity to the river presented a challenge for civil engineers to design effective drainage and grading of the site to both maintain and preserve water quality. The development includes 76 condos consisting of a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units.   

Additionally, AEI worked with CDOT and local utility companies for coordination and approval of right-of-way utility and access improvements. Alpine also worked closely with the developer, architects, and the Town of Silverthorne to optimize land usage while adhering to local regulations and site constraints. Blue River Flats was approved by the Town of Silverthorne in early 2022 and construction of deep utilities and infrastructure is ongoing.

blue river flats plans.jpg
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