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Eagle County School District Bond Projects 2017

Alpine Engineering worked as a civil engineering consultant for the Eagle County School District throughout 2017 and 2018. Alpine did the civil engineering design for the new construction and improvements at schools such as Eagle Valley High and Red Hill Elementary in Gypsum, Red Canyon West High School in Eagle, Red Sandstone School and Parking Garage in Vail, and the Eagle Valley Elementary and Middle Schools in Eagle. Eagle Valley High School received new buildings and larger parking lots. At Red Sandstone, a new parking garage is almost complete and will benefit teachers/staff/parents/visitors in a joint venture between the Town of Vail and Eagle County Schools. Grade school students were welcomed to a new Eagle Valley Elementary School for the 2018/2019 school year.  

In addition, Homestake Peak School, Berry Creek Middle School, and Avon Elementary received newly paved parking lots and other concrete and landscaping improvements. Schools down valley like Gypsum Creek Middle and Brush Creek Elementary, and up valley schools June Creek, Battle Mountain High, and Edwards Elementary received crack repairs and a fresh seal coat. 

Alpine Engineering initially visited all the schools to assess parking lot, path, and playground hardscape improvements. Then construction and grading plans were developed and presented to the school district.  Alpine conducted the bid process for hardscape improvements and performed construction observations throughout all of the projects.

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